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All users of Spy phone app are required to accept all terms on this page along with the User Legal Agreement when creating your account.

Terms of Service

The term "us" or "we" or "our" refers to the owners and operators of this site and mobile software. The term "you" refers to the viewer of the site or the person registering and using the mobile software.

By accessing this site or by installing, running, or using the software(Android Application), you are indicating your acknowledgment and acceptance of these terms of use. These terms of use may change. If you continue to use the site or the software(Android Application) after the changes, you acknowledge and accept the changes. Please consult these terms of use for any changes.

Installation and use of software

Spy Phone App is not designed to be undetectable. You must inform the person that you are tracking. Spy phone app software is designed for ethical monitoring of underage children in the process of parental control or for employers who want to monitor their employee’s activity.

In order to install Spy phone app you must have physical access to the phone on which you want to install it. You can only install and use this app on a device which is your property, or for which you have written permission to install the app, from the owner. You must make anyone who uses a device on which this app is installed, aware of the fact that their internet and phone activity is being monitored and archived. Failure to do the above might be considered breaking of federal and state laws. If you install our software onto a device which you do not own, or don’t have proper consent to do so, we will delete your account and we will fully cooperate with all relevant institutions. Spy phone app is not to be used to ‘Stalk’ or ‘Harass’ anyone. Spy phone app software must not be used to monitor the smartphone and private life of a spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend, child over 18 without their written consent. Please read all relevant legislation before purchasing and using this app.

Privacy policy

We endorse a policy of total confidentiality and privacy of the customer’s databases. We have not and won’t ever sell info about our customers to “spammers” or other parties that would like to advertise or solicit their products or services. Our app does not collect any additional info from your device than the ones required for its successful operation. Your data is in safe hands.
We may send important release notes to the email you have used to register (this will not happen often). If you unsubscribe, you will not receive any emails.
All PayPal transactions are subject to the PayPal Privacy Policy.

By install the application on a phone, you agree that the application will collect data from that phone and sent it to our servers. On our servers this will not be public data and you will be able to view this data only if you login with your username and password used when you have registered the phone. The data collected includes but it is not limited to phone calls, gps logs, sms logs, system logs. We do not collect passwords or credit card numbers.

However, we reserve the right to delete the accounts of persons who violate the above Terms of Use, and also provide their information on request to all relevant (legal) parties as compliance to the existing laws.

Refund policy

Please be aware that we won’t refund you just for changing your mind. If you are experiencing technical difficulties with our software, please send us an email and we will work together in overcoming/ fixing these issues. If we won’t be able to find a satisfactory solution and the software is proven to be defective, we will issue a refund. If we find ourselves threatened or if you are using the software for unintended purposes, we held the right to refund your order and stop any service and collaboration.

In order for this software to work properly, unrestricted physical access to the owner’s phone is required. As follows:
• User can access the device, while the device is in their hands
• User needs to have all passwords/ codes to gain access to the device

We won’t issue refunds due to the situation in which you purchase this app and you don’t have full, unrestricted physical access to the device to be monitored. It is your responsibility to ensure the application will remain installed on your device - to ensure this you can also activate Administrator Rights.


All products you may purchase from us are distributed and licensed on a “status quo” basis. We do not offer any kind of warranties or guarantees regarding the software’s performance, reliability or suitability to any given tasks. Spy phone app does not guarantee that the product, site and its content and features will work without interruptions or errors, or that the product’s performance will be the best on all phone models. The results may vary depending on the technical characteristics of the device. You can try for free the product for 3 days in order to test it and decide if it serves your purpose. All information published on this site is subjected to possible changes without prior notice. Under any circumstance we won’t be held responsible for any loss of data or damages (financial, physical, emotional or other) that may result from the use of our software.

Please check all relevant legislation (federal, state, local) before installing this software. You must be aware that installing surveillance software on a device which you do not own or do not have proper authorization to install and monitoring the activities of other individuals are considered illegal and an offense in most countries. Before engaging in such actions you must notify the person that they are/ will be monitored and ask for their proven permission. The use of this software falls under the current relevant legislation; it is your responsibility as a user to follow such laws.

Ownership of software

This software and all intellectual property rights (patents and copyrights) are owned solely by MONAPP CALABS LIMITED. By purchasing the software we grant you a limited, non-exclusive and revocable license to use it, in machine-readable, object code from only. This license specifies the authorized terms and conditions for using the software. This license does not transfer to you any ownership rights or any other legal share in the software.

License Scope

According to this license you are allowed to install and use one copy of the software on a single phone you own or for which you have proven permission from the owner to install the software. You will need to purchase additional valid licenses for each phone you want to install the software on. You may not copy, adapt, translate, decompile, reverse engineer, disassemble, attempt to derive the source code, modify, or create derivative work of this software. You have the responsibility to stop any unauthorized use, modification, reproduction, distribution or publication of the software.

User Legal Agreement

In some coutries it is illegal to install monitoring software on a cell phone you do not own or you do not have proper authorization to install the surveillance software. You hereby agree to check all the laws in your own country or the country in which the phone monitoring will take place, before installing any software. It is only your responsability that you comply with all the laws in the country you are using this software. By using this site or by installing, running, or using the software(Android Application) you also agree that you will not hold responsible in any way any representable(owner, operator, employee) of our site/software, from any type of damage or legal issue that may arise out of your use of our product. It is only your responsibility to follow all federal or local laws that governs the use of this type of software. It's final user's responsibility to respect all laws in their country. By downloading and using Spy phone app, you hereby agree to the above terms.
All the data collected by the application can not be used in a court of law.

Recording of Phone Calls

You can record phone calls as long as you comply with the applicable laws in your country. In many countries it is legal to monitor the phones of children in the process of parental control. With such application you have the opportunity to use an additional safety option in case you have problems with your children. If you want to monitor your employees or your spouse you have the obligation to inform them that their activities are being recorded or monitored.
The US federal law allows recording of phone calls with the consent of at least one party to the call.

In this case if our software is installed on your own phone you can select from our website to record only the microphone without headset/speaker. However there are several states (Pennsylvania, Nevada, California, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Michigan, Montana, New Hampshire, Maryland, Washington) that require the consent of all parties to the conversation. If you live in one of these states it is your responsibility to disable the call recording feature.

It is your responsibility to comply with all applicable laws before installing our software. If you install this application on a phone, you must inform the phone's owner that they are being tracked.
With the version 7.0, with have included the remote control and record surrounding features. You are allowed to use these new features as a parental control solution or to recover your phone it was stolen or lost.


If any term of this Agreement is held by a court of competent jurisdiction to be unenforceable/invalid, then this Agreement, that includes all of the remaining terms, will remain in full force and effect as if the invalid or unenforceable term was never included.


The trademarks Google, Android, Samsung, Whatsapp, Facebook, Skype, Viber, Line, do not belong to us. Our only trademark is Spy Phone App.

The information above is not complete and does not constitute legal advice. If you are unsure about something, please contact your attorney. You are responsible to seek information or clarification from your own legal counsel.

Warning: In order to track a phone you must have written permission from the phone’s owner.