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How to make sure that Spy Phone App’s activity is not interrupted

Even if the Android devices are becoming more and more powerful having better hardware specs the manufacturers are still trying to optimize the resources allocated to apps for a low battery consumption. This is having a positive impact over the battery’s life but some Android apps might be stopped from time to time or being placed to a “hibernate” mode having allocated limited resources and limited access to Internet.

We recommend to carefully read this entire article and perform all the suggested adjustments in order to make sure that the Spy Phone App software will never be stopped or placed to “hibernate” mode. This way it will continuously collect and upload logs into your account, without interruptions.

I. Activate the notification for Spy Phone App (for all devices) VIDEO TUTORIAL

If you are activating the Notification then the Android Operating System will recognize the Spy Phone App software as an active app and will never stop or freeze its processes. So the notification is a must for all the users and the good thing is that you can hide it if you want (the processes still being active).

How to activate the notification
- Open the application via Dial Code (here is a tutorial)
- Just press on the small checkbox for activating the notification
- Select the “Accept - Next” button and Exit option

How to hide the notification

If you are thinking that the Notification is annoying then you can choose to hide it, while the processes will still be active. Basically the notification’s processes will still be there but without being displayed.

Open the phone’s Menu and go to Settings => Application Manager => select Backup (actually the Spy Phone App software) => Uncheck the “Show notifications” box => press on the OK button. From this moment the notification will not be displayed on the phone anymore but the processes will still run and the Spy Phone App’s processes will not be paused or stopped.

II. Disable Doze battery optimization (for all devices with Android 6.0 or a higher version) VIDEO TUTORIAL

This applies for ALL the Android devices which are running Android 6.0 or a higher version. So if the phone you are monitoring is running such an Operating System version we strongly recommend to disable the Doze battery optimization for Spy Phone App.

Here’s how you can do that:
- Have the device in your hands and go to Menu
- Then navigate to Settings
- Locate the Battery section and access it
- Press on the three-dots icon from the top-right hand side corner
- Select the Battery optimization option
- Now press on that small arrow icon which is pointing downward and select All apps
- Right after that scroll down and try to locate the Backup app (actually Spy Phone App)
- Press on the Backup icon and select the Don’t optimize option
- Select the Done button to confirm the changes

III. Disable Smart Manager optimizations (for Samsung devices) VIDEO TUTORIAL

The Samsung manufacturer is customizing more and more frequently their own devices, implementing a lot of things which are useful or not for the end users. One of them is the Smart Manager feature which is acting like a resource allocator system. If the monitored device is a Samsung then it’s likely to have this Smart Manager resource allocator implemented and you need to deactivate the default optimizations for Spy Phone App.

Here’s how you can do that:
- Have the device in your hands and go to Menu
- Then navigate to Settings
- Locate the Battery section and access it
- Press on the Detail button
- From that list scroll down and try to locate the Backup app (actually Spy Phone App)
- Press on the Backup icon (if you can find it) and select the “Don’t optimize“ option
- Then select the “Turned off for” option

IV. Enable AutoStart (for Xiaomi devices) VIDEO TUTORIAL

The AutoStart feature offered by the Xiaomi manufacturer basically lets you decide what applications can run in background when they are not physically opened by the user. Our monitoring software was developed to collect data while it runs in background so is strongly recommended to activate the AutoStart feature for Spy Phone App, otherwise the logs will not be collected.

Here’s how you can do that:
- Open Security app on your phone.
- Tap on Permissions, it'll show you two options: Autostart and Permissions.
- Tap on Autostart, it'll show you list of apps with on or off toggle buttons.
- Turn on toggle of Spy Phone App, you're done!

V. Disable battery STAMINA mode (for Sony devices) VIDEO TUTORIAL

Sony implemented a power management feature called battery STAMINA mode on their own devices. This feature will practically limit the processes which are running in the background for extending the battery`s life. If STAMINA mode is activated the syncing processes will be restricted too. If you are monitoring a Sony phone please make sure that the STAMINA mode is deactivated:

Here’s how you can do that:
- Access the phone`s Menu
- Go to Settings
- Battery section
- Access the STAMINA mode menu
- Choose the Never option for deactivating the STAMINA mode

VI. Disable Extreme power saving mode (for HTC devices) VIDEO TUTORIAL

The HTC phones have mid-size batteries which will discharge quite fast. But the manufacturer tried to compensate the battery size with a power management tool, called Extreme power saving mode. If this feature is activated then the background activity will be restricted drastically, some apps being stopped or closed. Disable those optimizations for making sure that our application will collect the logs and upload them on your account on a regular basis.

Here’s how you can do that:
- From the Home screen tap on the Menu icon
- Then navigate to Settings
- Tap on Power option
- Press on the Extreme power saving mode switch and make sure that extreme power saving mode is off.

VII. Activate Protected apps (for Huawei devices) VIDEO TUTORIAL

The Huawei devices have a built-in setting called Protected Apps that is whitelisting certain 3rd party apps to run in background or after turning off the screen. By activating the Protected app feature for Spy Phone App you will make sure that the syncing process will not be stopped or paused and all the logs will be uploaded on your account without interruptions.

Here’s how you can do that:
- From the Home screen navigate to Settings
- Access the Advanced Settings section
- Press on Battery Manager
- Access the Protected apps section
- Activate the app protection for Spy Phone App by pressing on the switch from the right side

VIII. iManager (for Vivo devices) VIDEO TUTORIAL

iManager solution implemented on Vivo devices is a built-in resource manager, acting like a phone cleaner, data monitor, application and phone manager. iManager tries by default to eliminate or restrict unwanted apps but its filter might not be as accurate as it should. Therefore, you will need to access the Autostart manager section from the iManager console and allow Spy Phone App to collect and send data while it runs in background.

Here’s how you can do that:
- Open the Vivo iManager application
- Go to App manager section
- Navigate to Autostart manager
- Activate the trigger for Spy Phone App for allowing it to run in background

IX. Security center (for OPPO devices) VIDEO TUTORIAL

The Security Center tool is trying to enhance the performance of the OPPO devices by analyzing the installed apps, clean the unnecessary files and control the background activity for reducing the CPU, Battery and RAM usage. However, the drawback is that the "Data Saving" tool which was developed for power saving and anti-interference actually influences the processes of the 3rd party apps that run on background, drastically stopping or killing them.

If you are monitoring an OPPO device please make sure that the Data Saving tool is activated and you have granted the access for Spy Phone App to run in background.

Here’s how you can do that:
- Open the phone's Menu
- Go to Settings
- Navigate to Security settings
- Press on Data saving
- Make sure that the Data Saving trigger is activated
- Press on Add apps that run in the background button
- Select the Spy Phone App software
- Press on the OK button

X. Auto-start Manager (for Asus devices) VIDEO TUTORIAL

The Auto-start Manager tool is a pre-installed application offered by Asus on their devices, allowing you to control the auto-start of the 3rd party apps or even the preloaded ones, for saving the memory. The Auto-start feature basically controls the apps and let them run in background or not. Since the Spy Phone App tool is collecting the logs while it runs in background then you must whitelist it in the Auto-start panel.

Here’s how you can do that:
- Open the Asus Auto-start Manager tool from the phone`s menu
- Search for Spy Phone App and switch on the trigger for whitelisting it

XI. XManager Auto-Start Manager (for Infinix devices) VIDEO TUTORIAL

The XManager tool installed on Infinix devices is pretty similar with the one offered by Vivo (iManager) which was described a few rows above. It is having almost the same interface, options and functionality, allowing you to manage the permissions and the background activity of the 3rd party apps. Like for iManager, you will need to access the XManager and grant the auto-start access for Spy Phone App to run in background.

Here’s how you can do that:
- Open the phone's Menu
- Select the XManager application
- Press on the Auto-start manager
- Switch on the trigger for Spy Phone App for allowing it to run properly

If you need further assistance in regards to above mentioned optimizations please contact our support team and we will try to provide you with more details as soon as possible.